Advanced healthcare service with an all-inclusive reach

Trips to the walk-in clinic for a respiratory infection, urinary tract infection (UTI), or serious fall injuries aren’t fun for the average patient, let alone for someone already dealing with a preexisting condition. People with acute or chronic illnesses, mental impairments, physical disabilities, and other medical conditions often face major challenges when trying to manage a trip to a distant and crowded medical facility.

Fortunately, DispatchHealth is redefining what is possible in a healthcare system. We believe that people of all ages and in all conditions deserve the opportunity to benefit from the convenience of prompt medical attention, which is why we proudly take our on-demand, medical services to the home or place of need.

Our integrated and convenient healthcare delivery services will arrive in just a few hours and are ideal for people who suffer from Alzheimer’s, COPD, social phobias, or other disabilities and are also seeking pediatric and geriatric healthcare in the comfort and safety of their homes.

We serve patients with complicated medical issues

While the benefits of this convenient, on-demand service are numerous, above all, it ensures that anyone can receive advanced medical care in the comfort, privacy, and safety of their homes. Some of the people we proudly serve include:


Our approachable & knowledgeable medical team

DispatchHealth’s friendly and expert teams are comprised of qualified physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners to ensure efficient and top-quality care.

You can expect to receive personalized, hands-on treatment from two of these professionals: a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant, and DispatchHealth medical technician (DHMT). Also, an ER Physician is always available by phone. In addition to treating acute health problems, we can perform most medical services for non-emergent conditions that a medical facility can, including prescribing medications, performing blood tests, and suturing wounds.

In fact, each medical kit brought to your home contains roughly 70 percent of the tools and technologies found in an ER. Plus, the medical cost for a DispatchHealth visit is a mere fraction of the medical cost for an ER visit.

To ensure continuity of care, DispatchHealth provides a detailed report to each patient’s living community, home health agency and/or primary care physician, in addition to electronically sending prescriptions to a patient’s pharmacy if needed. Our goal is to best serve our patients, and we provide a convenient, comfortable, and safe alternative to facility-based medical care for as many patients as possible.

Medically reviewed by Dr. Phil Mitchell MD, MS on July 24th, 2019