We’ll help you achieve the quadruple aim:

Lower Cost

DispatchHealth helps decrease total cost of care for at-risk populations and frequent utilizers of emergency department for non-emergent conditions. At our current growth rate, we are expected to generate more than $2 billion in medical cost savings by 2023.

Improve Outcomes

Roughly 55% of DispatchHealth visits result in ER or hospitalization diversion. Since inception, DispatchHealth has prevented over 150,000 unnecessary ER visits and 4,400 hospitalizations.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

We work together with our partners to deliver a seamless experience for patients. For patients, DispatchHealth is a welcomed alternative to the ER or urgent care and helps improve access to acute medical care. In fact, we consistently receive a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 95 or higher.

Improve Provider Satisfaction

We strive to provide continuity of patient care and our model is designed to complement existing care teams. We work closely with provider partners to steer appropriate patients to our services while ensuring coordination before, during and after a visit. DispatchHealth can also perform an expanding scope of complex care in-home and provide greater insight into a patient’s social determinants of health. 

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