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We are courageous, compassionate and innovative. We step up to provide exceptional care to patients and exceptional support for each other. We are on a mission to provide better healthcare by keeping people in their homes.

We are DispatchHealth.

We bring together the best talent in the country to drive change, create new and better ways to deliver healthcare in the home, take care of the most vulnerable patients, improve health outcomes and save lives.

We are looking for individuals from a wide range of professional backgrounds who are energized by new ideas and technology, enjoy a fast-paced environment and are comfortable with frequent change. We are looking for Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants and medical technicians who value spending time with patients and going above and beyond to provide the best care. We are looking for software developers who want to build systems that improve how we deliver care. We are looking for operations and business development professionals who are passionate about pushing boundaries and making a difference.

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Our founders describe the vision behind DispatchHealth.

Employees describe what makes DispatchHealth unique.

A clinical team describes what it’s like to work at DispatchHealth.

A patient describes the benefits of our Advanced Care model.

We are driven by a set of values that define how we show up
for each other and our patients — The DispatchWay:

Courage to advocate for our patients and each other

Innovation to trailblaze a new path for healthcare

Integrity to create a respectful and inclusive environment

Compassion to provide quality, safe and excellent care

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